Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking bets on when Rush tries to purge the Senators from Maine

It's not Alaska. It's not Montana. But given that, Maine is one of the coldest and snowiest states, ... and pretty mountainous, too. So I could never quite get over the fact that the Senator from Maine's name is Olympia Snowe. It sounds like something out of Charles Dickens, not the Newspaper.

And now she is one of the only two remaining Republicans who are members of the Senate and are not right wing fanatics.

Snow is the type of person who I identified with as a kid and why I originally registered as a Republican. But when Ronald Reagen got the nomination in 1980, I saw the handwriting on the wall, and left the party.

It will be hard for the wingnuts to throw the ladies from Maine out of the party. But right now, I'm playing bookie.

Anyone want to bet on whether they will try to purify the party of one or both of them? I'm guessing... they will. They will go after the Junior. Senator from Maine first, though. For now Olympia, with her 79 per cent approval rating, will remain untouched. Susan Collins got 61 per cent of the vote in 2008. It is possible she will be threatened in the same way Jeffreys was threatened by Republican hard liners to keep her from voting for some moderate legislation they want to oppose with a united front.

Anyone know what the right wing radio jockeys are saying about these ladies?

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  1. Fear of losing more seats to the Democrats and making the Senate even more fillibuster-proof is the only thing holding them back.